Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Slow day ...

What if ...

Every equinox (20th March is the next one)
when the earth and the sun are just in balance ...

was declared a global 'slow day'

slow movement
slow traffic
slow trains
slow planes (its possible)
slow boats
(s)low energy use
slow shopping
slow love (to taste)
slow meditation
 ... in a global 24hour 'virtual choir'
a multi-Skype Ommmmm / Stimmung for 6 (billion) voices

We could ask the Dalia Lama to start it ...

Could we achieve a 2% dip in global GDP for that day?

... any thoughts?


Jenny Mackness said...

I'm with you :-)

roy said...



Anonymous said...


roy said...

'cause it's so much sweeter ...