Friday, March 13, 2009

The Second European Holocaust Memorial

There is an appeal for donations
for the second European Holocaust Memorial.

It is an attempt to learn a little
from the first Holocaust,
where Europe ate itself up
in the gas chambers
the firebombings
and in the mighty tank and naval battles
of the second world slaughter.

Europe is about to eat itself up again
in the self inflicted plagues of flooding and desertification
that will result from global warming.

Donations will go to recording stories and pictures
of Europe as it is at the start of the 21st Century
before it is lost in the sands
for future generations.

These pre-emptive archives will be housed
in a secure twin-Holocaust Memorial and Study centre
just inside the Arctic Circle
linking the documents from the Spielberg project
on the first 20th Century holocaust
with these documents from its 21st Century twin.

Daniel Libeskind, the architect of the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin
will be asked to chair a commissioning panel for the Centre.

It is probably too late
to turn around the ravages
of the global climate disaster
but at least we might be able to secure
a record of what Europe was like
for those who follow us
who might otherwise be incredulous
as to how we could allow two Holocausts
to happen in Europe within less than 100 years.

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